Manage your online RoundPoint Mortgage servicing account, pay your mortgage online and learn about service offerings at You can view your current loan activity at any time of the day most convenient for you. You can also use RoundPoint Online to set up one-time or recurring monthly payments.

Log into your RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing account by clicking on the “sign in” button on the homepage. To log in you will need to provide your User Name and Password. If you are a new user and would like to create an account to manage your RPM mortgage then click on the link under the box titled “Are you a new user?” On this page you will be required to fill out some personal information about yourself and your loan. Once you are done filling out this information you will be ready to click “submit” and create your account.

rpmservicingNavigating RPMServicing

Roadpoint offers a variety of different payment options for your convenience on rpmservicing. You can view all of these payment options as well as details on each by clicking on the “Payment Options” tab on the homepage.

Among these options are:

  • Online monthly recurring payments
  • Phone payments
  • Online payments
  • Paying by Moneygram
  • Pay by mail

Another helpful tab on the homepage is the “Customer Tools” tab. This is provided for the benefit of valuable customers. Here you can click on three options. The first option is “Forms.” Visiting the forms page will take you to a page that contains several different important forms that you can download as a PDF file including the following:

  • Borrower assistance application
  • MHA – HAFA Program Matrix
  • MHA Non – Owner Occupant Certification
  • Application for Release of Securtiy
  • Payoff Request Form
  • Third Party Authorization Form

The second option under the “Customer Tools” tab is “Glossary.” This is a very helpful page to visit for customers who may not be completely familiar with many of the terms used in the mortgaging process. The third option is the FAQ page. Visiting this page will help you to get some of the questions that you may have answered without much effort. These include questions such as “What is a Consumer Ombudsman?” “How do I make a payment if I have not received or have misplaced billing statement?” and “What should I do if I am affected by a natural disaster?”

If there are still other questions or concerns that you have that none of these options can aid you with then feel free to contact customer service by retrieving the necessary contact information by clicking on the “Contact Us” link located near the top right-hand corner of the rpm customer homescreen. The phone number to call is 877-426-8805. The operating times for this phone number are Mon-Fri 8a.m.-9p.m. EST; Sat 10a.m.-3p.m. EST. To mail in your request or notice of error: RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing Corporation, PO Box 19789, Charlotte, NC 28219-9409